Just wanted to give a great big thank you to Thru The Veil Investagations! We highly recommend this wonderful group to anyone in need of help. Great group of people and they are completely prepared and more than capable of helping in very haunted situations. We can finally breathe again and our home is now ours. Thanks goes out to you all and (WhiteBear) your amazing!

Thru The Veil Investigations, Thank you so much! You have not only given me my home back, but you have returned my sanity and peace of mind. They are a wonderful group of people who are highly knowledgeable, professional and very capable of handling the difficult situation I was dealing with in my home. I highly recommend this group to anyone in need of help. I can finally breathe again and I don’t have to worry anymore. My home is now truly mine. Thank you again so very much Whitebear, Tom, Linda and Joe. You all are amazing.

Thru the Veil Investigations


Hallam, Pennsylnovania
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